I have been in the Information Technology field for about 20 years at this point but there was a very distinct inflection point in 2013 when the social side of my career began. In a very quick series of events (at the same time actually) I attended my first technical conference (CiscoLive US), setup my twitter account, and met many of the people I now consider the thought leaders I turn to when it comes to deciding what new technologies are coming to be and how important they are going to be to me and my organization’s needs.

At this same time I was also introduced to Tech Field Day and it’s founder Stephen Foskett and I was pretty much instantly in awe of what they were all about; selecting panels of delegates, flying them to a common city where a number of companies would present either themselves as a company or their newest products over the course of a couple of days, all of which was then recorded and put on their YouTube channel. I as a member of the tech twitterati could tweet at delegates and often get questions answered, it was amazing to me then! I honestly can’t tell you how many solutions I’ve used TFD presentations as part of my research into if I should be looking to purchase their products and services but it’s more than an handful.

From the get go I’ve had a bucket list item of being on a delegate panel, but sadly my previous role had distinct rules against such things. Fast forward to now, new organization, new rules and here I am invited to be on the panel for Cloud Field Day 8. While this is a virtual event I am no less excited to be a part of the early group delegate panel. The experience so far has been great and I’m very appreciative of Stephen, Ben Gage and Mel Zura in helping to get me up to speed with how the event will go.


As mentioned before I’ve either participated live via twitter or watched recordings of quite a few Tech Field Day presentations. So while the virtual aspect does definitely play into some differences here I still feel like I have a decent idea of what I’m expecting format wise. I am excited that there is a decent mix of companies I’m familiar with, in 1 case VERY familiar with, and others which are new to me. So I’m expecting to learn a great deal both from the companies presenting as well as the questions from other delegates and you as well via twitter with the hashtag #CFD8. As an aside if you are watching online and have questions but not ready to put them out publicly feel free to DM me through any of the available ways.

I’m very excited to learn from both my group of vendors presenting as they are all very interesting companies. While this Cloud Field Day you could almost divide this into Cloud and Disaster Recovery sides. As a disclosure as an employee of OffsiteDataSync, a J2 Global business we are top tier partners with both Veeam and Zerto. No consideration has been provided to me by either of these organization in relation to my being a delegate for CloudFieldDay and I will be limiting my discussions of these organizations to what is being presented during their CFD8 presentations.

Let’s take a quick peek at each of these organizations.

Presenting Companies


Veeam (https://www.veeam.com)

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Latest TFD Video: TFD22

a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Aruba (http://www.arubanetworks.com/)

Networking and Enterprise Systems

Latest TFD Video: Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere Digital

CFD8 Blog Posts: CFD8: Accelerate Your Edge-to-Cloud Journey

Diamanti (https://diamanti.com/)

Kubernetes multi-cluster management and orchestration

CFD8 Blog Posts:


Morpheus Data (https://morpheusdata.com/)

Hybrid cloud and container management

Latest TFD Video: CFD6: What’s Next for Morpheus Data

Infrascale (https://www.infrascale.com/)

Cloud Based Backup/Disaster Recovery

Latest TFD Video: SFD 19


Zerto (http://www.zerto.com/)

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Latest TFD Video: TFD21


In the end I am honored to have been made a part of the Cloud Field Day 8 event. While I think everyone would prefer this to be an in person event kudos to both Gesalt IT (TFD parent company), presenting vendors and everyone else involved for working out a way to make this a virtual event. I am looking forward to learning all I can from this and invite you to do the same. If you’d like to drop a calendar item in for all of the CFD8 presentations a calendar item can be found here.